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Unspoken Rules

Unspoken Rules

What kind of rules do you follow? As a kid, did you ever think there would come a day when there wouldn’t be rules? I sure did.

I wouldn’t want to break the heart of my kid-self; however, there are always rules.

Some are still out there for all adults to see (such as speed limits and signs at the beach reading: No Alcohol, etc.).

Some rules are meant to be broken, like eat dinner before dessert or don’t wait until the day before your term paper is due to start researching and writing it. You have to breakĀ it to know if it’s a worthy rule to follow.

Some rules are unspoken. They’re innate. You learn from experiences that may end negatively because you didn’t follow the rules. Maybe you’re on the other side of the rule and it always sticks with you.

I’m about to let you in on an unspoken rule I follow and why. Don’t judge! Read the rest of this entry