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Panic! In the Car


Great friends are so sweet and dear it’s worth doing whatever it takes to hold on to them. One of the few things we miss about living in Northern Virginia are our former neighbors Christopher and Melanie (along with their daughter, Lucy and dog, Otis).

They are such good people, and it showed immediately. The day we moved in, Christopher offered and helped us move in the heavy furniture.

Again today, Christopher swooped in for a save. Read the rest of this entry


Compost: The Beginning


About two years ago, we upped our veggie intake and I was eating a salad almost every day for lunch. When preparing meals, we were creating a lot of trash with all of the parts of a veggie that we didn’t eat. Honestly though, my husband does most of the cooking so he was probably doing most of the throwing away. I realized what was going on once his job moved him out of Northern Virginia and my job/grad school kept me there. Once I was doing most of the throwing away, I started thinking about composting. Read the rest of this entry