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It’s My Favorite Thing: Coconut Oil


Have you read that Dog Diary vs. the Cat Diary? It’s hilarious. What makes it better, my brindle dog is EXACTLY like that. Everyone and everything is his FAVORITE┬áthing. It all excites him to the highest degree. That is how I feel about coconut oil. It is my FAVORITE thing.

My experiences with coconut oil started in January of 2013. I was spending the weekend with my college friends and one of them said something along the lines of, “Are your lips chapped? Here try some coconut oil.” Read the rest of this entry


Electrolyte Juice


Last spring when we were gearing up for a 10K, we were cramping A LOT. I remembered in college when I tried to eat bananas at every meal because I had heard the potassium helps to stop the cramping. I HATE the texture of bananas Read the rest of this entry

Sleeeeeep, Where Are You?


My first official day back at school was today, but I started going back last week to set up my classroom. Unfortunately, after the first day back I was already struggling to sleep through the night. Because I was exhausted, I would fall asleep by 10 and then be up for 1-2 hours in the night. This is not normal for me because during the summer I have no problem sleeping through the night. Read the rest of this entry