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Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

My Carefree Family

My Carefree Family

Okay Crunchers, or Granolaers? Crunchers. It’s not that I’ve run out of things to share about being self-defined crunchy granola, it’s just that I want to showcase my family for a minute. My parents got a house at the beach last week and this was the first time in three years we were all together at the beach. Unfortunately, it rained for most of the trip. Fortunately, we all handled it pretty well because we were just so glad to be out of the daily grind. In a word, you could describe us as carefree. Some of my parents friends also joined us and were able to capture this moment. We were going for a family picture with my two dogs peeping over the railing. This was towards the end of our “session” and what impressed me was how carefree we all are looking. Mom is definitely loving the wind in her hair while the rest of us our laughing at the dogs, trying to get the bread we are dangling to just get them to jump. It may not be the picture that goes out in the Christmas card this year, but it will always give us a link back to a moment when we were just enjoying being together.