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Map It Monday: Seneca Falls

Map It Monday: Seneca Falls

Sara Bareilles sings, “You said remember that life is not meant to be wasted, We can always be chasing the sun.”

I hummed this song to myself as we literally chased the sun on Friday to get to a campsite before dark. The sun won, but what a great weekend – not wasted in the least.

This is the second time I’ve been, and it’s a pretty remote trip. It takes about 4 hours from Richmond and the closest “town” we drove through is a few houses with the post office in someone’s den and a restaurant. When we got to the parking lot at 8 PM on Friday night, we hiked in the dark until we found a site with a fire ring.

Here’s the view getting out of the tent the next morning. Can it get much better??


Last time we went, we hiked some on the Allegheny Trail before cutting over to Seneca Creek. Then we camped at a site right next to one of the waterfalls. This is a panoramic view from our tent in May.


We could have stayed here but didn’t feel like going in the dark. The next day we showed it to a dad and his girls, so that they could have that awesome experience.


Upstream from our site



Across from our site

This time, however, we stayed on the Seneca Creek trail so we could see the real falls. So worth it!


Chai loves to swim, even when it’s so cold she’s shivering.


This trip is great for several reasons.

  • One, it’s pretty flat so it’s easy to carry a pack.
  • Two, all of the trails are close to a flowing stream. It’s a natural spring, so you can always count on there being water. This is great for our dogs who love to swim and drink water when they’re thirsty. We also don’t have to pack a lot of water because we can count on being able to filter it.
  • Three, the dogs can roam free. Ours will stay pretty close to us, but they love exploring and sniffing up and down the trail.
  • Four, there are ALWAYS plenty of camp sites. Remember that it took us four hours to get there? Many people choose closer locations for a weekend trip leaving us choices.
  • Five, many of the camp sites have stone chairs and fire rings already built.
  • Six, because many people go somewhere else, it’s quiet. It’s quiet in the way that only being in the middle of the woods can be quiet, which is beautiful.

Here’s the link to Hiking Upwards information about this place. If you ever get the chance to go, take it and don’t think twice about it!

How did you chase the sun this weekend?


Just Keep Running, Just Keep Running


As a swimmer for 15 years, Dory’s original version, “Just Keep Swimming” has had a lot more use to me.

Now that I have not been an active swimmer for the last 5 1/2 years, it was time to find a new outlet. Last year, both my husband and I started running. We needed to do something active, and running is something we could do with our pups. My goal immediately was to complete the Monument 10K. Hubby’s goal was to run a 5K. In the back of my mind, I wanted to eventually run a half marathon. Read the rest of this entry

Compost: The Beginning


About two years ago, we upped our veggie intake and I was eating a salad almost every day for lunch. When preparing meals, we were creating a lot of trash with all of the parts of a veggie that we didn’t eat. Honestly though, my husband does most of the cooking so he was probably doing most of the throwing away. I realized what was going on once his job moved him out of Northern Virginia and my job/grad school kept me there. Once I was doing most of the throwing away, I started thinking about composting. Read the rest of this entry