DIY Basil: From Garden to Jar

Surprise Basil Plant

Surprise Basil Plant

Last year, my mother-in-law gave us a planter with several herbs growing in it. My favorite was the basil. It’s just so versatile, especially for the non-cook!

The basil grew and grew and I picked off the flowers so that it would keep growing and growing. To my surprise this past spring, a basil plant was growing on its own outside of the planter. One of the seeds from last year survived and grew more basil! Read the rest of this entry

If Teachers Planned Inservice Training…


I felt this was necessary after 1 1/2 days of professional development. Not all of it was bad, some was very good.

marvelous teacher musings

Team Work

I let out quite a chuckle when I saw this picture. I’ve been there and I’ve made that face.

*Disclaimer* This blog is not meant to imply that teachers do not appreciate learning. It is also not intended to imply that we are ‘lazy’, ‘unprofessional’ or the like. We wouldn’t be in education if we didn’t appreciate its value. What we don’t appreciate is receiving the exact same training year after year. That’s not Professional Development. That’s insulting. As far as those looking for examples on what could be done during In-Service, please read my other blog entitled ‘Get on the Bus’. Any and all comments which use bad language, insult another who comments by name calling, etc. will not be posted. *

It got me to thinking…teachers are required to attend Inservice “training” before school. It’s always dreaded and I, personally, would rather have a cavity filled than sit…

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