Rain, Rain, Summer Day


Today is the second time this week I’ve woken up to a surprise summer rain. Sunday’s rain took everyone by surprise, but I’m not sure about this one as I don’t really pay attention to the forecast in the summer.

Summer rains have meant different things to me throughout my life. As a little kid, it meant we couldn’t go to the pool that day. Mom wasn’t going to sit in the rain so my sister and I had to find something else to do. “Quick, what are the other kids on the block doing?”

As a bigger kid, I didn’t need Mom to take me to the pool so it meant go make the lifeguards sit in the rain while we swim in the rain. Swimming in the rain still to this day is so much fun. Sitting in the rain, not so much. “Hey, watch me while I do this handstand!”

As a teenager who transitioned into a lifeguard, it meant payback. It meant trudging down from the covered deck where we were all watching movies on somebodies little TV to watch the kids who decided they needed to be at the pool in the rain. “Has it been 20 minutes yet?!”

As a college student, it meant finally getting to re-watch all of the great 90’s and early 2000’s romantic comedies and catch up on Disney movies. “Just one more, and then I’ll do something…”

Today, these summer rains mean my garden is getting free water, which excites me to no end. My dogs are little more subdued. Just as it has always done, the summer rain serves as a reminder to slow down. Sure, I’ll do the same things that I planned on doing today, yet there is a calmness in those actions.

How does a summer rain effect you?


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  1. I love this reflection about rain. There is definitely something special about warm rain. I saw several runners out in the downpour this morning and was so impressed by their dedication. I used to love playing outside in the rain. Now, like you, I rejoice about the garden getting watered… and then want to take a nap!

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