It’s My Favorite Thing: Coconut Oil


Have you read that Dog Diary vs. the Cat Diary? It’s hilarious. What makes it better, my brindle dog is EXACTLY like that. Everyone and everything is his FAVORITE thing. It all excites him to the highest degree. That is how I feel about coconut oil. It is my FAVORITE thing.

My experiences with coconut oil started in January of 2013. I was spending the weekend with my college friends and one of them said something along the lines of, “Are your lips chapped? Here try some coconut oil.” Because of the nature of our relationships, I trusted her enough to slather raw oil all over my lips. Yum. No really, it was pretty tasty.

I spent the next six months finding it in stores for $7+/pint and just not really willing to spend that much. At the time, I didn’t really know all that it could do at that point so it didn’t really matter to me. Then one July day last summer, I was pushing an extremely large Costco cart around and turned the corner. My peripheral dimmed and tunnel vision set in as a chorus began singing, “Duh dun duh dunnnn!” There, on one of the edge of an aisle, was a beautiful Costco arrangement of coconut oil.

Coconut oil

This 1.5 liters of pure goodness cost about $16. My 5th grade teacher math brain quickly did the conversions. A little more than three pints for just over what two pints would cost an any grocery store. DEAL! I immediately grabbed one and spent the rest of my trip relishing in my purchase.

As soon as I got home though, I realized I better quickly figure out how I was going to use it before my husband got home. It’s not that he would have been upset about my purchase, it was just more the need to explain why I bought a lot of oil that I knew nothing about except you could use it on chapped lips. Unchapping lips is important though, to both of us, just maybe not so important as to have 1.5 liters of un-chapping-ness.

Here are two great links on all of the ways you can my FAVORITE thing, coconut oil.

A quick Google/Bing search will turn up plenty more. What are your favorite ways to use coconut oil?


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  1. I love shaving with it! It has it’s cons, slippery tub and you need to rinse the razor with really hot water that melts the oil down, otherwise your razor is gross…but instant silky smooth legs with no need for lotion!

  2. This is a favorite thing of mine too!! And shaving may have been the cause of a Few tub slips…sorry Lee but it is the price you pay for silky smooth wife legs!! Fyi I’m currently drinking coffee sweetened with coconut oil and am getting ready to do a hair treatment. Obsessed? Maybe…

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