Vegetables from Seed

Vegetables from Seed

Two years ago, my MIL gave me a planter of herbs once we moved into our house. This was just the beginning of learning about the awesome-ness of using something from our yard in our food. Read this post about how my planter spilled over the next year!

Last summer, with the help of mi madre, we were able to plant a raised bed. She gave us one of those pre-cut-box-beds. It held 4 bell pepper plants, 2 squash, and 2 zucchini. We also tried cucumber but never got a trellis so they didn’t last.

At the end of the season, I started thinking about seed saving and the next garden, and those thoughts did not hibernate like my garden. Unfortunately, I didn’t know that much about growing plants from seed, like that you should start in early February as opposed to late March.

Here are a few things I’ll do differently next year:

  1. Start earlier. I’ve read that starting seeds inside around the Super Bowl is a good idea. This will give the plants time to mature  before planting them outside.
  2. Brighter lights. We’ve already ordered new stronger grow lights. Here’s the contraption my husband rigged up last year.IMG_2459
  3. Plant more!! We’ve already talked about DOUBLING our garden next year. This is what it looks like now. DSC_0586

What do you plan on doing differently in your garden next year??


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  1. Oh, I love garden planning!! We’re changing our garden spot and making the rows a lot longer. This will give the plants more sunlight during the day. We’re also going to try edible landscape around the trees in the front yard.

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