DIY Basil: From Garden to Jar

Surprise Basil Plant

Surprise Basil Plant

Last year, my mother-in-law gave us a planter with several herbs growing in it. My favorite was the basil. It’s just so versatile, especially for the non-cook!

The basil grew and grew and I picked off the flowers so that it would keep growing and growing. To my surprise this past spring, a basil plant was growing on its own outside of the planter. One of the seeds from last year survived and grew more basil!

It was right on the edge of the garden/grass line; however, my wonderful husband avoided it with the mower while it was young for me. We used it all summer and into the fall.

Last week when the first frost was about to hit, I cut it down with my kitchen shears and began the drying process. This was my first time drying anything but clothes, so tips are welcome!




Step 1: Cut basil.

Chopped Basil

Chopped Basil

Step 2: Pick and pull the good-looking leaves. (Some had spots so I left those.)

Step 3: Wash and pat dry.

Step 4: Spread out on a cookie sheet.

Washed and dried

Washed and dried

Step 5: Have patience and wait. I waited about 10 days…


Step 6: Crush and crumble.

Step 6 1/2: Crushing and crumbling was harder than I thought. Although the basil leaves felt crisp and crunching to the touch, they didn’t actually crumble. Fortunately, my husband remembered a tip from my mom to put the leaves in a CLEAN coffee grinder. It worked beautifully!

Ground Basil

Ground Basil

Step 7: Store with other herbs.

Now we’ll have fresh-tasting basil all winter long!


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