Grow Your Own Aloe Plant Babies


Several years ago, my mom bought me an aloe plant on Father’s Day because I burned my fingers while making my dad breakfast. It was pretty small, but now it looks like this.

Mama Aloe

Mama Aloe

A couple months after I moved it to my house, the plant sprouted babies! Now Crunchers, this was probably my first ever house plant that I didn’t kill. Probably because aloe is kind of hard to kill. Either way, babies were a BIG deal!

I waited over a year before splitting the babies up from the mama plant but only ever got two. I know nothing about potting and repotting and so I just found pots at Lowe’s and went to town. Fortunately, all of my aloes survived this process.

When I repotted, I expected to get more babies quickly since the first two popped up so fast. Finally, over a year later this one sprouted from the mama plant. Right now, my babies do not have babies. No grandbaby aloes.

After finally getting a third aloe baby, I really started wondering about the aloe making process. I taught flower/plant reproduction to fourth graders for a few years, but there were no flowers for pistils and stamens, etc. After a lot of Googling and Binging I pieced together that aloe babies come when the roots hit the edge of the pot and start growing up.

It seems that it’s a good indicator of when it’s time to repot. However, if you like to give plants away, letting the plant continue to push up babies is a cheap easy way!

If there are a lot of babies on your aloe plant, you may want to unpot the whole thing to snip off the baby roots from the mama roots. Some people believe you should use a clean knife for quickest healing without infections, but others have not had issues when merely using their fingers. I don’t remember what I did…

Baby Aloe

Baby Aloe

My newest baby already has a designated home. Because it’s the only one and it’s location on the edge of the pot, I will probably just follow the roots with my fingers and give a quick tug/snip when I’m ready to repot. I don’t want to unpot the mama until I have to because every time I move the plant around, it falls to the side more as seen in the picture above.

I am hoping once I get several babies, to have several plants around the house. I’ll keep you posted! (Haha, blogging humor.)


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