Cheap Healthy Food


I need your help Crunchers. As long as the government stays shut down, my husband is not working nor getting paid. He is the bread winner of the family so this is hitting us harder than we’re comfortable with. We had an emergency fund saved, but had to use a lot of it over the summer because of the furlough days – again, because Congress couldn’t figure things out. I digress, I do NOT want to go on a political spiel here.

So anyhow, because of the uncertainty of the length of time he is out of work, we are playing with our bills to pay them on my meager teacher salary. The problem is, we like to eat a lot of delicious, healthy food, but we don’t have the budget to keep spending our normal grocery bill. Please post links to any cheap, healthy meals that you have.

Thank you !

Keepin’ Our Chins Up,

C & D


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  1. I have some recipes I can send you!

    And also, if you have been going organic, you can narrow your organic choices to avoiding the “dirty dozen” and not worrying as much about the “clean fifteen.” Here is a good guide for that–

    And/or investing in some quality, natural fruit and veggie wash like this:

    Also, if you’ve been spoiled by fresh veggies it might be hard to switch to cheaper cans, but you could go for frozen as a compromise!
    You rock. xoxox

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