No Pooer


Okay Crunchers, I feel that I am really putting myself on the line with this post because I am going to share a secret that may turn away some people.

I wash my hair only every three to four days. Ew, gross. It looks worse in words than I thought it would.

Last year, when I started at my new school, a great teacher that I work with, Jamie (name change), started telling me how she always gets compliments on her hair on the days she doesn’t wash. Confused, I asked her what she meant. She only washes her hair once every two or three days!!!

I knew that I could never do this because my hair is loosely curly naturally. If I run my fingers through it too many times, it becomes straighter and “floofy.” When I wake up in the morning, one side is usually flat while the other is straighter but poofy, floofy, fluffy, or whatever you want to call it.

I ignored Jamie for several months and her no hair “pooing” until my hair dresser asked me how often I sham”pooed” my hair. She told me how I really didn’t need to wash except for every other day at the most.

Apparently, our scalps are designed to produce the right amount of oil our hair needs. When we continuously wash our hair, it washes the oil away, so by design, our scalp produces mores. This is why many people think they have oily hair.

This actually makes a lot of sense to me. When I was little, I devoured all of the Little House books. I never understand how they could only wash their hair once a week. Now, it all comes full circle.

According to my hair dresser, if I only washed my hair every other day, my scalp would get used to producing less oil within a few washes. I tried it over Spring Break so that people at school didn’t see my oily hair and it worked!

As time went on, I realized I could probably wash every third day. Now I am up to every fourth day before washing.

I do get my hair wet every day and give my scalp a good scrub like I’m actually washing it.

There are some monetary benefits to being a No Pooer. I have A LOT of really THICK hair. It takes a ton of shampoo and conditioner. By only “pooing” every few days, I’m not spending as much on product. This also means I’m using less plastic.

What fancy Cruncher tricks do you have for washing your hair?


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  1. Yeah, truth. Speaking of taking a course – here’s the link for $30 off of an order of $50 with Relay Foods:

    To all those cruncher’s out there – Relay Foods collaborates with local farms to provide grass-fed, organic, free-range, (etc) groceries. You shop online and pick a location near where you work or live, and all you have to do is pick them up! It works in Richmond, Charlottesville, DC, and Fredericksburg. It’s AWESOME.

  2. This is actually such a good point. I wash my hair every second day though I would love to be able to leave it for longer. Unfortunately I exercise a lot so it gets greasier quicker and sweatiness is never a good look. I’m glad to see this has worked for you.
    I just wrote up a post about how to achieve sexy, healthy hair and one of my tips was to not wash it too often, I suppose you are the evidence of this. Would love it if you could check out my post would really mean a lot to me.
    If you have any opinions on what I’ve posted I would really love to hear about it 🙂
    hope you are having a lovely day,
    and great post!
    -Rubenesque xoxo

    • Sorry for just getting back to you. For some reason this comment went in my spam folder. I’ve definitely struggled with the sweaty factor with my workouts too. In the summer, I definitely washed more and I just try to gauge it day by day. Thanks for your comment!

  3. I have kinky curls so I was never able to wash my hair that often anyway. And like you, I do wet my hair when I shower so it can re-curl and remove some of the pollution/dust off the surface.

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