Sleeeeeep, Where Are You?


My first official day back at school was today, but I started going back last week to set up my classroom. Unfortunately, after the first day back I was already struggling to sleep through the night. Because I was exhausted, I would fall asleep by 10 and then be up for 1-2 hours in the night. This is not normal for me because during the summer I have no problem sleeping through the night.

I bought some chamomile tea yesterday from Whole Foods and had a cup before bed last night. While I slept better through the whole night, I still slept restlessly after 4.


So Crunchers, what natural ways do you help yourself sleep through the night? I will take any suggestions, I’m desperate for a good night’s sleep!



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    • Thanks Molly! It’s great to hear that chamomile is working for you! I’m going to stick with it this week before I yay or nay it for me. I’ve heard that too about electronics. We have been trying to get into better habits by taking the TV out of our room when we moved. Now we try to read before bed. Gotta work on the cell phones…

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