Almonds: Advice From My Dentist


When I was getting my regular cleaning on Tuesday, Dr. G. asked me what I’ve done with my summer. First thought: not much… 😦 Second thought: traveled, built a deck, thought about the need to think about school. Third thought: that seems like more than not much. What I actually blurted out: I started a blog!

Dr. G. then rambled on about her love of reading blogs while she conveniently had her hands in my mouth so my responses came more as grunts. Before she left the room she asked me if I eat almonds (I do) and how I generally eat them (whole). She asked me to to let the blogging world know about the possible danger to your teeth of eating whole almonds.

Thanks fruivore for the picture!

Thanks frugivore for the picture!

Because of the wonderful health benefits of almonds, their consumption has drastically increased in the last couple of years. It is cheaper to buy them whole and many people eat them that way. Unfortunately, many people are also cracking their teeth in the process! She recommended giving the almonds a quick chop or even soaking them before consuming.

In trying to find out more information about soaking almonds, I came across this website that describes some added benefits to eating soaked almonds while also discussing how to sprout your own! That sounds like something this Cruncher will have to try.

The Sustainable Scoop also goes in depth about the process for soaking almonds. If there are increased benefits to eating soaked almonds AND you can keep all of your teeth, it sounds like the way to go! I’ll make sure to write an update once I soak my next batch.

How do you eat your almonds?


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