Starting Point


“Every great journey starts with a single step” right? Well, while on my first post high last night, my husband started brainstorming blog topics with me. From there, we talked back through the last few years and decided our first step was the day we went for our first hike. We weren’t outdoorsy people and we knew NOTHING about hiking, but we had this six month old puppy, Stoli, that was meant for herding wild boars. His energy level was through the roof no matter what we did.

Stoli was bigger than this during the hike, but isn't he adorable?

Stoli was bigger than this during the hike, but isn’t he adorable?

Living in Northern Virginia at the time, we were within close driving distance to many trails. We chose a six mile one in Sky Meadows State Park near Paris, VA. We packed up our water and some snacks, brought a dog bowl so the pup could stay hydrated and we were off on our first outdoors adventure!

The hike started out pretty mild with a walk on a graveled path. Soon though it turned into a steep incline with several switch backs as we neared the AT. We were not in shape to say the least and this was hard. We questioned why we were doing this as out puppy was definitely not worn out and there didn’t seem to be an end in sight. When we finally made it to the AT, we took a break to eat lunch and rest. We talked with some people who were interested in Stoli and tried to catch our breath. Once we got started on the circuit again, a sixty year old lady with wild white hair hike up behind us. We talked to her, just glad we were able to have a conversation now that the ground had leveled off a bit. A few minutes later she sped up past us and there was no way we could keep up. Can you hear my twenty-something’s ego burst?!

We followed the hike through some beautiful meadows with spectacular views.

One of the views before heading back down the mountain.

One of the views before heading back down the mountain.

With a couple miles to go, Stoli started crying because he was finally worn out. Success!!! After sleeping through the hour ride home, he fell asleep again with his face in his water bowl.   I was pretty sore for a few days; however, I loved the experience. Since then, we’ve gone on many different hikes throughout the state always looking for something a little more challenging and a little longer. We love being out on a trail at any point in the year and the thrill of completing each one.


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