Crunchee Granola? Whoa, that girl needs a spelling lesson!


Hello Blogging World! I’ve wanted to blog for awhile now but thought you really should only blog about things when you could share expertise. I’m a teacher who loves teaching but doesn’t want to blog about it because usually I just need a break. I love to read but don’t do it enough. I am an avid knitter but that’s boring to most. While I’m not really an expert on the natural, healthy life, I’ve decided to blog about the journey.

My path to Crunchee Granola is of course inspired by the most wonderful friends a girl could have.

Post-Shannon's wedding. The stuffed caterpillar represents everyone who isn't pictured.

Post-Shannon’s wedding. The stuffed caterpillar represents everyone who isn’t pictured.

I met these nine wonderful girls while going to college in North Carolina. We all have come from different pasts and upbringings and gone on to lead different lives. You can read about Molly’s perspective of us here. While in college and in our Secret Santa gatherings since, we’ve had many discussions that have pushed me towards being healthier and more natural. Mollie runs a camp after spending an entire semester in the great outdoors of Chile. Tara has moved all around but loves working with kids and teaching them to love nature around them. Lauren also works with kids and shows her natural side through hiking and running. I also watched her plant an avocado seed with a three year old last time we visited. Shan, who was born by the same doctor as I was and  part inspiration for my blog name, helps churches learn to work together to be healthier temples for God. She also married this guy who hiked the entire AT one summer and then biked across the country the next! Sarah is also a teacher, but she has her own cows that she raises. Molly has worked hard to grow her own vegetable garden, make her own laundry soap, and raise her sweet baby. Emily takes her sweet baby to the zoo and the park so that she can grow up loving the world around her. Keri, the other part inspiration, just got a job as a PE teacher (woo hoo!) so that she can help hundreds of kids each week learn new ways to be healthy. Jacqueline is a wine connoisseur which we all know the wonderful benefits to drinking a glass of wine!

One more friend from my post-college life has been a huge part of my Crunchee Granola-ness. Melanie and her husband lived down the street from my husband and me for a few years. They have tried or been a part of a lot of our trials in an effort to lead a more natural lifestyle.

Teaching her girl how to play

Melanie playing with her baby outside

I heard Shannon use the term “crunchy granola” when I was visiting a few weeks ago. Later, when I decided use it for the blog name, she told me it was really Keri’s term. Thank you to both of you for your inspiration! I know it’s spelled wrong. My mom would attest that it is because I never could spell and then tell the story of how I titled the cover of my spelling book “Speling” in 4th grade. No one said anything until February…    Crunchy Granola was already taken so I had to get creative.

Thanks to Shannon, I have a journal of ideas of where this blog is heading in the future. Stay tuned to see how my life has transformed from a typical American consumer to a more thoughtful, healthier, naturalist while still being a pretty normal person in society’s eyes.




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  1. Awesome blog! I feel famous and honored. Thanks 🙂 can’t wait to do recipe exchanges and dinner nights with you soon. It’s friends like you that are going to help us stay on track

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