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Panic! In the Car


Great friends are so sweet and dear it’s worth doing whatever it takes to hold on to them. One of the few things we miss about living in Northern Virginia are our former neighbors Christopher and Melanie (along with their daughter, Lucy and dog, Otis).

They are such good people, and it showed immediately. The day we moved in, Christopher offered and helped us move in the heavy furniture.

Again today, Christopher swooped in for a save. Read the rest of this entry


Sleeeeeep, Where Are You?


My first official day back at school was today, but I started going back last week to set up my classroom. Unfortunately, after the first day back I was already struggling to sleep through the night. Because I was exhausted, I would fall asleep by 10 and then be up for 1-2 hours in the night. This is not normal for me because during the summer I have no problem sleeping through the night. Read the rest of this entry

Wow, Someone Likes Brandy: How to DIY Vanilla


My mother-in-law made vanilla first because she stumbled across multiple recipes one day. In her kindness, she shared part of her first batch with each of her kids. Fortunately for me, I love baking and knew just what to do with it. Read the rest of this entry

Almonds: Advice From My Dentist


When I was getting my regular cleaning on Tuesday, Dr. G. asked me what I’ve done with my summer. First thought: not much… 😦 Second thought: traveled, built a deck, thought about the need to think about school. Third thought: that seems like more than not much. What I actually blurted out: I started a blog!

Dr. G. then rambled on about her love of reading blogs while she conveniently had her hands in my mouth so my responses came more as grunts. Before she left the room she asked me if I eat almonds (I do) and how I generally eat them (whole). She asked me to to let the blogging world know about the possible danger to your teeth of eating whole almonds. Read the rest of this entry

Compost: The Beginning


About two years ago, we upped our veggie intake and I was eating a salad almost every day for lunch. When preparing meals, we were creating a lot of trash with all of the parts of a veggie that we didn’t eat. Honestly though, my husband does most of the cooking so he was probably doing most of the throwing away. I realized what was going on once his job moved him out of Northern Virginia and my job/grad school kept me there. Once I was doing most of the throwing away, I started thinking about composting. Read the rest of this entry

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

My Carefree Family

My Carefree Family

Okay Crunchers, or Granolaers? Crunchers. It’s not that I’ve run out of things to share about being self-defined crunchy granola, it’s just that I want to showcase my family for a minute. My parents got a house at the beach last week and this was the first time in three years we were all together at the beach. Unfortunately, it rained for most of the trip. Fortunately, we all handled it pretty well because we were just so glad to be out of the daily grind. In a word, you could describe us as carefree. Some of my parents friends also joined us and were able to capture this moment. We were going for a family picture with my two dogs peeping over the railing. This was towards the end of our “session” and what impressed me was how carefree we all are looking. Mom is definitely loving the wind in her hair while the rest of us our laughing at the dogs, trying to get the bread we are dangling to just get them to jump. It may not be the picture that goes out in the Christmas card this year, but it will always give us a link back to a moment when we were just enjoying being together.

Starting Point


“Every great journey starts with a single step” right? Well, while on my first post high last night, my husband started brainstorming blog topics with me. From there, we talked back through the last few years and decided our first step was the day we went for our first hike. We weren’t outdoorsy people and we knew NOTHING about hiking, but we had this six month old puppy, Stoli, that was meant for herding wild boars. His energy level was through the roof no matter what we did.

Stoli was bigger than this during the hike, but isn't he adorable?

Stoli was bigger than this during the hike, but isn’t he adorable?

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